"Jacquelyn is among the most talented Pilates instructors I have ever worked with. A lifelong student of the human body, she’s incredibly knowledgeable of the musculoskeletal, nervous, and digestive systems, and she never stops seeking new information to help with each of her student’s unique circumstances. Jacquelyn designs workouts for your personal fitness goals, as well as your body’s needs on any given day. She reinforces a foundation of proper form, while always pushing you toward the next rung in terms of your own capabilities. And with the enthusiasm a passion she brings to every one of her sessions, her workouts always feel great – even when they hurt. Working with Jacquelyn, I have achieved my peak fitness." -Kelley K. Chicago, IL.


"I have attended Jacquelyn’s Pilates classes as well as her Joseph Pilates Calisthenics class for several years and cannot recommend her highly enough.  Her work has made me feel stronger, healthier and happier.  Jacquelyn combines hard exercise with a hawkish attention to form that ensures that we all get the most out of class while avoiding what can be the pitfalls of strenuous training.  Her knowledge of the body’s mechanics and her attention to detail make her classes enjoyable, productive and challenging.  Strangely, I look forward to awakening at the crack of dawn for class and miss the early mornings when I am traveling and must miss class.  Jacquelyn is a true pro who will push you to a better place physically and mentally." -Chris L. Chicago, IL

"When life hands you lemons, Helios helped me make lemonade! I entered a year ago skeptical that my back problem with sciatica would resolve, thinking my career was over, I was practically in tears. Jacquelyn, nursed me from a sad bundle of pain back into the powerful woman I once was.  I have no sciatic pain at all. I am extremely happy with her caring and careful management of my training. I am so lucky to have found her, and I recommend Jacquelyn to everyone I know. All I can say is thank you." -Carey L. Chicago, IL

Jacquelyn has transformed my approach to and participation in physical fitness. In 2010 she became my Fletcher Pilates instructor at Helios Center for Movement. I immediately responded to her athletic style and approach to Pilates instruction- which differentiates her from the traditionally dance-trainedPilates instructors. Jacquelyn is incredibly aware of her client's abilities and unique challenges, and she adjusts training to fit those needs. For me, that was lower abdominal weakness and tight hips and hamstrings from running. In 2011 and 2014, I joined Jacquelyn's relay team and participated in two 200 mile relay races. In that capacity, Jacquelyn proved that she is a great player-coach. She helped each member of the team plan our training and nutrition to prepare us for the race- and then she gave her all as a fast and passionate runner on our team. From 2013-2014 Jacquelyn coached and trained me through my first pregnancy. I worked out with her all the way until the day-before I went into the hospital to give birth! She helped me to stay active with pregnancy-safe and appropriate exercise and safely got me back into shape in the months following my pregnancy.  Today I exercise 1-3 times a week with Jacquelyn at both Helios and Shred415. She always gives me a killer workout and motivates me to keep getting stronger, faster and better.  -Kellie F., Chicago, IL